A Wellington couple couldn't resist

Six years after moving from Wellington, Steve King and Jo Pewhairangi have no intention of moving back.

It could be the weather, which let’s face it, compares well to their former Titahi Bay. It could be the lower cost of housing, proximity to the beach, quality schools and ease of access to afterschool activities that their sons enjoy.

It could be that their new business, Far East Coffee Co has been embraced by the local cafés and the Farmer’s Market.

Or that high speed fibre broadband means Far East Coffee Co runs an online store, supplying customers all over the country. Or it could be all these things. And more. “It was the right time for us. It’s been good for our family to come here,” says Jo.

She grew up in Tairāwhiti Gisborne and still has family here. But one of the most important things for the couple is that living in Tairāwhiti Gisborne allows them to live their values.

Far East Coffee Co’s beans arrive from their growers with full organic certification. They are sourced through a broker whose trade practices adhere to all the principles of the World Fair Trade Organization.

“We love it here,”

“My advice for anyone considering moving here is to think about what you can bring with you. The market is limited, but there are opportunities for businesses to move here and continue to make income from outside of the region. Running a business here is far more cost-effective than doing it in a big city and the lifestyle benefits can’t be matched. Tairāwhiti Gisborne needs more people, and it is the perfect place for people who want to be more than financially rich. This region holds wealth in many forms. What we enjoy here can’t be bought.”