ExNE Movie Premiere

30 May 2018

The 3rd annual ExNE - East by North East - showcase of new music from the East Coast of Aotearoa was held last October at Smash Palace.

We mark this NZ Music Month with the premiere screening of a live music movie of that event featuring our own extraordinary musical talent. The artists represented are:

  • Miss Pou
  • The Huntaways
  • Paua Nation
  • Sit Down In Front
  • Wayward Angels
  • SKB
  • Uni-Fi
  • The 35ers

Entry is free, so get yourself on the red carpet for this gala annual event that highlights the many gifted artists we have among us and celebrates the music we make together on the East Coast of Aotearoa in 2018.

Brought to you by Smash Palace, Te Ha 2019 Sestercentenial and Switch FM, produced and mixed by Darryl Monteith and directed and edited by Josh O’Neil.