Lingynoiid - Diamonds In the Rough Aotearoa Tour

15 September 2018

It's her way with words that's caught the attention of close to 100,000 followers on Facebook with her video's portraying a unique twist on everyday struggles. In September Lingynoiid will return home to meet her followers in the flesh and share with them her satirical prowess in what will be her first ever tour.

Lingynoiid will be creating an atmosphere where women can unleash their inner "Sasha Fierce" and men can come feeling included instead of divided. As a survivor herself she will be sharing her own stories and raising awareness in honour of domestic violence. Lingy is bringing the "nation" together to commemorate and empower each other by allowing a safe space for us to openly and unapologetically share ours stories.

Venue: Emerald Hotel, 13 Gladstone Road

Time: 12.30pm - 2.30pm

Tickets: General Admission and Meet & Greet, $30


Website: Lingynoiid Facebook page

We couldn't do this without a little twist, right? Add music, fun and dance to the mix and we have our very own party! "The Lingy way".