Tolaga Bay Beach Races

5 January 2019

Tolaga Bay Beach Races started in 1876 and has been an ongoing annual event attracting hundreds of spectators to enjoy the day of racing.

A start line in marked in the sand with 2 finishing posts poked into the sand at the end, there are 7 races in total graded for non thoroughbreds and thoroughbreds and a consolation race at the end for the non place-getters in the first 6 races.
All horses are given a number and coloured bib.

Betting is available on an equalizer system where all bets are $1 you get a letter which is then allocated to a horse.

Venue: Kaiaua Road, Tolaga Bay

Time: 10am

Cost: $5 entry, cash only

Contact: Chris Ovenden, on 021 257 1113 or visit the Tolaga Bay Beach Races Facebook page.

All proceeds from the day go back into the local community such as the restoration of the Tolaga Bay Wharf, Church, etc. This event is run by volunteers and all prizes donated by sponsors.