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Branding – Why It’s So Important

In a competitive world developing a strong, distinctive brand is vital for rapid customer recognition, standing out from the crowd, creating greater impact and maximising marketing and promotional spend. An authentic as well as distinctive look and feel adds value to our regional economy.

Our Brand





How The Brand Was Developed

Following significant consultation with many people and groups within the region Tairāwhiti Gisborne. The First Light was chosen as our brand.

‘Gisborne’ is a familiar name to most New Zealanders and immediately identifies our region.

Tairāwhiti pays tribute to our Maori heritage and it’s English meaning “the coast (tai) where the sun (rā) shines (whiti)”  reflects our unique positioning.

Being the first place to see the sun every day (the first light) - called our ‘positioning ’is a perfect brand for us to build around.

The research agency TRA conducted market testing on the selected concept which confirmed that our customers residing outside the region saw the brand as authentic and truthful with energy and warmth, while finding it highly emotive.

Community developed and community owned, Tairāwhiti Gisborne “The First Light”  is the distinctive thread that holds all our stories together. It is something we can stand for.


Why Everyone Should Use The Brand

Consistent use of the brand name, logo, positioning and type of imagery will ensure TG is quickly and easily recognised in a busy, crowded market place. It makes us distinctive and maximises the impact of all of the combined marketing and promotional activity.

Brand Guidelines  are provided on the Image Library. These will help you with the correct usage of our brand.

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