Tuia 250 ki Turanga

October 2019

Tuia 250 ki Tūranga is about people and place, what brought us together, what challenges us still, and how we are weaving our differing cultures and values into a future we will be proud to leave for our grand-children.

Tuia 250 actively explores our stories on land and at sea. We will recognise and commemorate two extraordinary voyaging traditions and cultures – each with their legacies and technologies, opportunities and vulnerabilities.

But most importantly, Tuia 250 ki Tūranga will make room for conversations, some of them awkward, all of them vital to forging a shared future.

In October, the centrepiece of the Tuia 250 commemorations will be a flotilla of vessels that celebrates the long voyaging traditions of Aotearoa New Zealand. Their three-month voyage around Aotearoa will be launched in Gisborne / Tūranga in a programme spanning five days. During this time, you will see the launch of an independent arts festival, the hosting of an international oceans summit, a range of opportunities to learn the many stories of arrival to this region, and plenty of time to get to learn about blue water navigation and ocean sustainability with our visiting waka, vaka, naval and tall ships.

While the full programme is still being finalised, we invite you to join us between October 5 and 10 for:

  • A mass powhiri to welcome the Pacific voyaging / waka flotilla.
  • Arrival of the European flotilla including tall ships and naval vessels.
  • The launch of the Tuia National voyage around New Zealand.

For more information on our local programme, visit Or, for more information on the national programme visit