Ruakituri Fishery

The Ruakituri River is an internationally renowned trout fishery. Unmatched scenic beauty, large stretches of fishable water and the chance to catch magnificent trophy trout are all features of the river.

The Ruakituri River has its source in Te Urewera on the eastern slopes of the Huiarau Range. The river flows in a south easterly direction for 70 kilometres before joining with Hangaroa River at Te Reinga. Angling opportunities within the Ruakituri catchment range from wilderness fishing above the Waitangi Falls in Te Urewera to easily accessible river fishing just off the Ruakituri and Papuni Roads.

Both rainbow and brown trout are common, although only rainbow trout are present in the headwaters above Waitangi Falls.

  • Source: Huiarau Range